ESI Monitor Sustainability Advisor

Fred is a sustainable development specialist who graduated in the first cohort of Global Sustainable Development from the University of Warwick. To ESI Monitor, he has brought the energy and enthusiasm of a graduate, and the passion and commitment of a dedicated activist of the sustainability movement. Fred has helped build ESI Monitor from the early months of inception, bringing expertise and passion to the products and future plans of ESI Monitor.

Most recently, Fred has developed the new ESI Monitor Modular Environmental Management System, ESI Monitor’s flagship product. Until August 2020, Fred was a member of the Policy Sub-Group of the Sustainable Business Initiative (part of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce), who are at the centre of sustainable development in Guernsey. Here he gave a number of talks and presentations. He also worked collaboratively with the team to critique and suggest improvements to the States of Guernsey’s Climate Change Policy Plan.

Today, he is knowledgeable and skilled in the areas of environmental management, carbon offsetting, and sustainable product development. Fred has now moved to London to set up the ESI Monitor London Office.

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