In the face of regulatory changes, geopolitical risks, and capital market shifts, sustainable investing has evolved beyond Socially Responsible Investment. The rising prominence of ESG considerations reflects a wider ‘sustainable transition’.

We support brand marketing and procurement officers, asset holders, wealth professionals and their advisors, to meet the evolving sustainability challenges head-on for the benefit of their clients and market. Through the development of strategies and policies, Governance, Stakeholder Engagement, Measurement and Reporting and Advisory Services; to tailored training, workshop, and events, we can help strengthen relationships within your market and grow your business.


At BST Impact sàrl, our uncompromising dedication and pedigree help demonstrate your value to clients, across borders wherever you are in the world. As your trusted partner we aim at ensuring that our clients always have the support of experts with long-standing and specific experience across the sustainability’s spectrum.


Knowledge and support help you develop new revenue streams, increase access to capital, by maximizing the value-creating potential of your sustainability initiatives and unlock ulterior growth opportunities.


Secure loans and access new financial instruments, such as impact financing, sustainable finance funds as well as ESG, SDG or Social bonds. These days many financial institutions are asking for more and more clarity on internal governance and sustainability. There are numerous matrixes and labels in existence, but what we offer is to give you the capability to be ready to report and have a robust governance system and policies in place. 


Enhance trust with your stakeholders – such as shareholders, employees, consumers, suppliers, unions, government agencies, media, and the broader society – and strategically create authentic relationships with them. This can unlock your innovation potential, by allowing you to leverage your sustainability commitment as a catalyst for innovation or grant you superior access to talent by better aligning your company’s values with your employees’ personal goals, fostering their personal fulfilment and a stronger sense of identification with your brand.


Improve risk management and assessments, reduce costs, and ensure a more secure license to operate. A sufficient and deep supply chain due diligence is essential to create and maintain over time your social licence to operate. We assist you in minimising the risks to your business arising from regulations, and in avoiding the costs arising from not retaining/attracting top talent or from consumer-initiated boycotts, which have become a prominent issue as a result of the collective awareness that consumers can achieve through social media (potential human rights violations in your supply chain can be easily documented and quickly disseminated, spurring collective action).


Credible strong engagement with regulators, resulting in better impact and more adapted regulations at the national and regional level. A proactive engagement with regulators on upcoming policy changes can help your company better understand and manage the risks to your business model. 


ESG rating – better rating, stronger stocks, more investment. While we truly believe that ESG rating ought to be seen as a tool for engagement on sustainability issues, the rating also offers you the possibility to measure your progress.   We have seen how the interest of investors in how companies tackle their ESG challenges has increased over time, as ESG issues are now acknowledged as constituting real financial risks for investors. Superior ESG performance leads to superior rating for investment recommendation, which in turn means better access to finance for companies, therefore lower capital constraint. 


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