Migration Governance

Juan Pablo Aris Escarcena holds a PhD in Social Anthropology, specialised in migration studies with a focus on the bordering process of the European Union, the sociocultural implications of the EU migration policy, the construction of the regulatory framework for European borders within the European Union, and the impact, assimilations, and resistances at different levels in the face of this regulatory process. He has developed ethnographic fieldwork applying audio-visual sociology on the southern border of Spain; in several refugee camps, in the northwest of mainland Greece; in Calais and the northern region of France; in Ventimiglia, Schengen internal border between France and Italy; in southern Italy.

In collaboration with the filmmaker Nicolás Braguinsky, he has directed and produced the multi-awarded documentary film “Solidarity Crime: The Borders of Democracy”. The results of his work have been published in four languages, in several well-known scientific journals and books. 

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