18 August 2021

Sustainability, Governance and Finance Bootcamp Training

BST Impact and Panterra Finance Webinar


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** Spaces limited to a maximum of 10 entities. **

Sustainability and Governance: profitable and purposeful. 

In the conventional investment world, everyone understands fiduciary duty, an obligation of money managers to act in the best interests of their clients — typically centred on financial performance. But without the integration of substantial and substantive professional support from the many areas of “sustainability” which is needed to understand the sustainability dimension of choices made regarding where, when and how much to invest, there will likely only be an ever-increasing amount of money invested in “ESG” products – which have little or no impact on the effort to reach the SDGs.

This is an 8 hours webinar, developed over 4 weeks (2h per week), and structured around 5 modules:

1. How the SDGs and international law guides you to a pragmatic strategy, based on the principles of non-discrimination, participation, and accountability and human rights.

2. What the basic elements of a robust sustainability strategy are.

3. How to develop internal governance structures that allow for the implementation of your strategy.

4. How to develop socially inclusive KPIs (short, medium, and long term): reporting, multistakeholder engagement and due diligence.

5. Quantifying Sustainability and its Financial Impact, By Panterra Finance.

Participants will be delivered a checklist of the issues that a social sustainability policy/strategy should include, and good examples of policies on inclusion and accountability (non-sector specific), non-discrimination, non-exploitation, complaints and whistleblower protection, employee relations and contracts, as well as elements of good governance and examples of KPIs and value alignment (amongst other material to keep).