13 December 2022

BST Impact training in collaboration with SUSTx: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals


Growing organisation’s sustainability strategy requires a clear and ambitious plan. Knowing where to direct the efforts is key, which is why the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be a powerful blueprint for success.
They’ve become a comprehensive framework adopted by many organisations worldwide to demonstrate commitment to realistic and impactful change.

The virtual course provide a comprehensive experience from group exercises in breakout rooms to live chat, whiteboards, and interactive polls, using a range of tools and techniques to ensure direct connection with the trainers.

Learning Outcomes

  • - Gain a comprehensive understanding of the 17 U.N Sustainable Development Goals
  • - Start setting your own practical and powerful goals
  • - Build a strong reporting framework for your goals
  • - Ensure you can monitor and correct underperformance
  • - Produce reports to communicate your success

Join us on Thursday 23rd February 2023 via Zoom.

Follow the links to know more about the agenda and the program and register here to secure a place!