About us

BST Impact is an advisory firm that supports sustainable business development and advancement promoting a distinctive rights-based approach based on international standards, in line with the spirit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We adopt a framework that can be applied globally, fostering consistency in business planning, projects' execution, and reporting around regulatory sustainability issues.

BST Impact is a Geneva-based women-owned business operating worldwide as a collective of knowledge leaders, through a global network of partners and Associates Experts offering their complementary expertise across the ESG spectrum, and providing holistic solutions to any sustainability challenge.

Our mission is to leverage our combined expertise and aligned mindset to support sustainable actions, promote equality and foster transformation, by understanding the impact of our businesses, investments and interventions on society and the environment.

BST impact sàrl is a signatory of the
United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI)

Why BST impact?


Vast experience in policymaking, legislative development and project implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Continued support

Long-term support and guidance on how to integrate ESG factors and criteria into your business strategies.

Rights-based approach

Globally recognized and replicable norms and principles, integrated into the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of business strategies and policies.

Expert network

Diverse professionals with extensive experience across all sustainability’s spectrums ready to add other dimensions to your sustainability journey.

What we offer

Developing or improving strategies and policies that link environmental, social and governance considerations to the priorities and needs of our clients.

Developing indicators for ESG reporting, and providing guidance on how to measure the impacts of a business, in its supply chain and in the societies in which it operates, to fully capture and accurately communicate a company’s sustainability performance.


Developing or improving internal governance mechanisms to integrate environmental, social and governance factors into corporate decision-making. 

Assisting in internal and external negotiations and communication around sustainability issues to facilitate positive outcomes.

Assisting with the creation of credible, results-driven reports, able to capture even small progress in our clients’ sustainability journey, address their existing challenges transparently, and highlight a genuine, long-term commitment to sustainability. 

Offering tailored sustainability training solutions, and in-person/online courses in collaboration with our trusted Associate Experts, partner firms and educational institutions.

Assisting investors, asset managers and asset owners with understanding and evaluating the sustainability credentials of their investees, developing independent gap analyses and evaluation reports. Supporting investees in their sustainability journey to meet investors' needs or access investment opportunities.

Supporting your company as an external trusted sustainability office producing customised products rebranded with your logo and domain. 

Supporting family offices, philanthropists and their advisors to build trust, accountability and credibility in aligning impact strategies with a values-based approach.