11 May 2021

How to use a rights-based approach and international standards in assessing social impact? With UNIVERSITETI I TIRANËS

Closed Course at the University of Tirana

The course allowed participants to understand, through an interactive learning session, the practical relevance of the international human rights legal framework for the private sector - what are the necessary steps for a company to implement the SDGs, the implications of extraterritoriality for business accountability, and the concept of social impact assessment from a norms-based perspective.

Stakeholders are increasingly becoming more demanding on sustainability criteria and this has brought the “S” of ESG at the core of the international fora. However, many actors seem to struggle to understand what the S actually means – beyond how people are treated in supply chains. This course intended to provide an introduction on how to concretize international standards and norms, and use them as a basis for social impact assessment and link the S to both the E and the G of the ESG. 


Learning Objectives:

- What are the most relevant international standards we have to consider as a business? Why are they relevant? 

- What does it mean in an ESG context to have a norms-based approach?

- What does it mean to think norms-based? 

- Where do the SDGs fit in? Where does traditional CSR fit in? What is the huge advantage of seeing the "S" as anchored in and an expression of international norms?