20 April 2021

Environment Societal Guidance: the S-Factor, with Eurogas

Closed Webinar with EUROGAS

This one hour webinar will focus on the importance that the “S” has for resources companies -- not just in their strategies, reporting, and ESG ratings at the tactical level.  It will also touch on ways to engage meaningfully and to mutual benefit with workers and unions around the world as well as be at the forefront of upcoming legislation especially from the EU.

In the energy sector a lot of focus on ESG will naturally be on the environment and on potentially how to transform into renewables. However it is a fact that for many years to come fossil fuels will be necessary, it is therefore paramount that the sector shows that in current production sustainability is taken seriously in order to continue to attract investors and be able to live up to regulations e.g. in the EU as well as increased consumer awareness and pressure. This webinar does not mean to minimize the important of the environmental sustainability towards which we all want to work, but want to focus on how energy companies can have a positive impact on the societies in which they work worldwide and with a due regard for multi-stakeholder engagement and labour rights so that they can score top grades on the S and G in any ESG rating.