26 May 2022

'Vertical Farms' as a post-Covid solution to increase production while saving resources and protecting the environment

ResourceHUB is sharing the challenge launched by our partner E4G, who gives us an insight into how waste and pollution in Italy can be reduced, giving new power to agriculture and sustainability.


'Vertical Farms' as a post-Covid solution to increase production while saving resources and protecting the environment 
The Challenge Launched by ethics4growth


In Italy, too many resources are spent on transporting food, and they are certainly more energy than we get from eating it. For this reason, in the post-Covid phase, the health emergency has highlighted all the limitations of traditional crops. It is necessary to focus on the new "vertical farms" that can be installed anywhere and allows us to grow with 90% less water and achieve productivity that is up to 350 times higher than traditional methods.

Moreover, thanks to hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic cultivation, vertical farms can be set up anywhere, requiring very little space and resources and respecting the environment," explains Claudio Camarda - CMO of ethics4growth.

Ethics4growth also notes how vertical farming promotes local employment. The enhancement of the local area, and facilitates control over product quality, reducing supply chain costs and the related waste of organic waste by up to 98%.

Giuseppe Macca, founder of Ethics4growth, says: "The development of realities is already strongly present in other countries of North-Western Europe, such as the Netherlands. Sustainability and social impact are and will be the main themes of business in the near future, but they can only work by focusing on the interests of all parties involved, i.e. people, environment, and profit. And this is what we promote with a lot of practice in our community and through the hubs in which we are present".

Our country (Italy) is historically devoted to agriculture, but its approach is still too traditional, and for this reason Ethics4growth, thanks to their experience and the projects they are involved in, are already working on a concrete proposal to be put on the table of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry: This is a plan that envisages the creation of Agritech centres of excellence, very similar to startup incubators and accelerators, with the aim of integrating the theoretical and practical training of young people with the necessary technological education, but at the same time also helping companies to find and use the public funds made available by Europe.


About E4G: the company provides training, direct consulting and a community to learn and share knowledge in the field of sustainability and social innovation for companies and start-ups, promoting projects and policies with a high social and technological impact.  


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